Musicians Unlimited Big Band

Big band in north east england

Musicians who have played with MU past and  present


Musicians Unlimited (Present)

Below is the band as it stands at present. We will try and include pictures and other websites you can visit connected with the individual musician.

Musical Director

Mick Donnelly – Conductor / Saxophones (


Ray Dales – Lead Alto

Leah Tether – 2nd Alto

John Hudson – 1st Tenor

Sue Ferris – 2nd Tenor

Gilly Nelson – Baritone


Dave Brock – 1st Trombone

John Day – 2nd Trombone

Helen Grainger – 3rd Trombone

Peter Morgan – Bass Trombone


Tom Hill / Kevin Eland – 1st Trumpets

Mick Hill – 2nd Trumpet

Adrian Beadnell – 3rd Trumpet

Alan Smith / Gene Gerard  – 4th Trumpets


Brin Jones

Gavin Smith – Also Trumpet


Des Foster


Ian Bosworth


Ernie Jackson


Bob Casswell

Musicians Unlimited (Past)

This section features the many talented musicians that have been involved with the band and over the years. We will try and include pictures and info on individual musicians as we get it.

We would also like to dedicate this page to Musicians that are no longer with us.

Dave Connolly - Trumpet

Bryn Collinson – Tenor Sax

Kip Herron – Trumpet

Alex Hand – Alto Sax

Jacky Barton - Vocals

Alf Hind - Trumpet   

Frankie Baggs - Vocals 

Brian Jones - Bass                   




Richie Emmerson (still involved)

Kenny Gooding (still involved)

Paul Jones

George Robinson (still involved)                         

Amber Reeve (still involved)

Will Howard (still involved)

Andy Bennet (still involved)

Mal Harker

Kimberly Webb 

Claire Pinder (still involved)                       

Josh Bentham 

Jim McBriardy

Matty Robson

Jack Laing

Mark Tomay

Danny Allen

Keith Robertson

Richard Pike

Emma Frampton

Arjen Jongschaap

Richard Foley

Lol Wells

Alan Owens

Stan Coates


Ray Harley

Pete Paperill

Malcolm Gray

Gordon Marshall (still involved)

Dave Higgnet (still involved)

Mark Web (still involved)

Shaun Eland

John Thirkill

Toby Donnelly (still involved)

Bruce Adams

Graham Hardy

Dave Harrison (still involved)


Don Fairley (still involved)

Terance O’Hern

Squib (still involved)

John Millgate (still involved)

Chris Hibbard (still involved)

Eddie Bellis (still involved)

Doninic Jacques

Vince Edwards

Martin O'Connelly

Eric Strudle

Ray Chester

Alan Bravey (still involed)

Keith Norris (still involved)

Graham Harrison (still involved)

Carolyn Norris






Johnny Blackham

Jeremy McMurray (still involved)

Paul Donnelly (still involved)

Brian Dale (still involved)

Mick Shoulder (still involved)

Peter Carter

Simon Ferry

Terry Popple

Ian Halford




Nick Arnel

Sarah D

Ruth Lambert

Gina Pontoni






This page is under construction and will be upgraded on a regular basis.

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